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Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests - Tennessee

List of Tennessee credibly accused priests Click here.  The links have pertinent information about these priests of Tennessee.  Some of them were assigned from other places to dioceses of Tennessee.  

Knoxville News Sentinel 03-02-23 Priests send letter for help with Bishop Stika

Click here to read the letter.  

Click here for the Tyler Whetstone'a investigative report in the Knoxville News Sentinel. 

Amended Complaint filed 01/27/2023

Click here for amended complaint.  Bishop Richard Stika forces a rape victimto reveal his name.  

The following communications were sent to all legislators of the Tennessee State Legislature late on January 9 or early January 10, 2023.  All members of the House and Senate received this letter about concerns that Bishop Richard Stika was the person chosen to open the 113th General Assembly of the Tennessee Legislature.  Reactions to the choice of Stika for this honor have been quite explosive across the entire state. 

Letter to the Republican Caucus:  Click here. 

Letter to the Democratic Caucus:  Click here.

Complaint sent to the Apostolic Visitation team - Bishop Barry Knestout and Bishop Michael Burbidge
Documentation sent to the Apostolic Visitation team

How to get in touch with the Apostolic Visitation team in Knoxville.

Meeting place:  Knoxville Hilton, 501 West Church Street

Call the Chancery of the Diocese of Knoxville and.  Ask for Jim Wogan, Director of Communications and see if he will confirm or deny the fact that there is an Apostolic Visitation going on in Knoxville.  

  • The Chancery, Diocese of Knoxville

    805 S. Northshore Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919
    Phone: 865-584-3307 | Fax: 865-584-7538

    Office hours: 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Send in what you want to tell the Apostolic Visitation team. 

 Are they interviewing the laity?  We don't know but they are going to hear from us.

 Here is the contact information for Father Michael Boehling and his assistant. 

 Send them you complaints. It is critical that you do. Vicar General of the Diocese of Richmond, VA Coordinator of the Apostolic Visitation of Knoxville.

 Contact The Office Phone: (804) 359-5661 Fax: (804) 358-9159 7800 Carousel Lane Richmond, VA 23294 

Staff Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia: The Very Reverend Michael G. Boehling 

Administrative Assistant to the Vicar General: Mr. Jordan A. Taylor (Ext. 123) 

Bishop Knestout of Richmond: I do not know Bishop Burbidge's email address.

A lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee alleges horrific treatment of an asylum-seeking Honduran woman at the hands of her parish priest in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and the subsequent intimidation and retaliation against this woman.  

Click here to read the complaint. 

Click here for Exhibit 1.

Click here for Exhibit 2.  

Bishop Stika will not ever let an adult case go before the Review Board again.  You are showing your guilt, Bishop. Revising policy when it does not give you what you want is a very common tool of the guilty.  Click here to see May 2022 revision of Diocesan Review Board by-laws. 

What does the Catholic Church say about treatment of immigrants, migrants, refuges, and people on the move?  

Creating a world where immigrants, migrants, refugees and people on the move are treated with dignity, respect, welcome and belonging.

Is this how the Diocese of Knoxville treated this twice-widowed woman of three children when she reported assault by a priest.  Read the lawsuit.  It will shock you.  It was a minister from another faith who helped her report the molestation.  She was treated abysmally by Bishop Stika and the Diocese of Knoxville.   

Letters and documents from Press Conference on October 30, 2022

1,  Letter from members of the Chattanooga Deanery:  The Catholics of Chattanooga, Tennessee, wrote a letter to church hierarchy requesting the resignation or remoaval of Bishop Richard Stika of the Diocese of Knoxville.

2.  Letter from Catholic members of the Knoxville area:  Catholics from families who have generations of history in the Diocese of Knoxville.  They too are requesting the resignation or removal of Bishop Stika.

3.  Letter requesting that Archbishop Shelton Fabre declare all silencing language in settlements with victims of abuse null and void.  SNAP of Tennessee has been requesting this since January 2020. 

4.  The bylaws of the Diocesan Review Board of Knoxville promulgated May 2022,  Bishop Richard Stika has narrowed the scope of the review board and left countless victims of adult exploitation by clergy as well as sexual harassment with no recourse other than to report to the bishop.  This narrowed scope goes against current trends in the Catholic Church  and is an abuse of power by Bishop Stika.  Return the bylaws to their former language.  Link to press release on October 31st.
Groups demands resignation of Bishop, vow to continue until their voices are heard

Click here for Resign Now, Bishop Stika press release.  Press release 10/27/2022

Resign now, Bishop Stika!

Flyer for event to be held on October 30, 2o22.  Click here to download PDF format.

Demonstration on October 30, 2022, on public property on South Northshore Drive in front of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Knoxville, TN  

Press conference at 1:00 EST.  Join in person or by Zoom, Facebook Live, Twitter Live, and YouTube live. 

Documents pertaining to release of Vos Estis complaints filed in the case of John Doe vs the Diocese of Knoxville and Bishop

Don't strike the cardinals - Why Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz and Cardinal Justin Rigali should NOT be removed from the John Doe Lawsuit.  

Motion to strike.  5/5/2022

Memorandum of law supporting motion to strike.  5/5/2022

Constant Contact email sent out July 26, 2022.  

Vos Estis Lux Mundi complaint against Archbishop Kurtz and Bishop Stika.  Click here.  

Documentary:  Truth-teller...or Sociopath?

Link to part 1 of the documentary which aired June 1, 2022

Documents filed with the court in the John Doe v. the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville and Bishop Richard F. Stika

Motion to Strike filed by the Diocese of Knoxville attornies.  Specifics in the Motion to Strike

Summary of the Weekend of Standing for Survivors

Newsletter of May 3rd      Video from Tuesday May 3, 2022.  Angry mom confronts the bishop

Knoxville priests seek help from Rome - DENIED

The Pillar ( reports on the effort of eleven priests of the Diocese of Knoxville to get help from Rome.  Click here.  

Seminarian from another diocese visiting in Knoxville was assaulted by Wojciech Sobczuk  - parallels to John Doe lawsuit are startling!

Pillar article released April 27, 2022:

Press release sent April 27,2022:

Vos Estis complaint against Bishop Richard Stika, March 24, 2022

Click here to read/download the Vos Estis Lux Mundi filed against Bishop Richard Stika, Diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee. 

What you can do:  Print out the first 4 pages of the Vos Estis.  Write your own letter asking for repercussions for these abusive actions of Bishop Richard Stika and other bishops who do not protect their diocesan parishioners especially children and young people.  Send to the papal nuncio and/or to the head of the Congregation for Bishops in Rome.  Addresses below: 

Head of the Congregation for Bishops:  Cardinal Marc Armand Ouellet, P.S.S., Congregation for Bishops Palazzo della Congregazioni, 00193 Roma, Piazza Pio XII, 10


Apostolic Nuncio for the USA:  Archbishop Christophe Louis Yves Georges Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio 3339 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W, Washington, DC 20008-3687


The Metropolitan Archbishop of Louisville, Kentucky is new to the job - installation March 30, 2022 - Archbishop Fabre needs to hear from you too as he is Stika's direct boss:  

Archbishop Shelton J. Fabre , Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Louisville, 3940 Poplar Level Road, Louisville, KY 40213-1463 


Lawsuit filed in Knox County Circuit Court against the Diocese of Knoxville and Bishop Richard Stika

Click here for to download the complaint filed on 02-22-2022


The two stories that tell it all about the treatment of victims of clergy sexual abuse by the Catholic church in Tennessee

Michael Boyd - abused as a child by Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell and Father Xavier Mankel

Celeste Arnone - sexually exploited as an adult by Father Michael Sweeney, Harriman

The NDA debacle - Violations of Article and what we are trying to do about it.  The USCCB will not answer.
History of NDA violations: Gino Marchetti and the Nashville connection:

Father Sweeney sent out a defamatory letter to Celeste Arnone.  He never had to retract.  Stika did not act pastorally and make Father Sweeney do the right thing. 

Lawsuit filed by Celeste Arnone vs the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville and Father Michael Sweeney.

Vos Estis filed on behalf of Celeste Arnone

20th Anniversary of the resignation of Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell

Overview of the events of March 8, 2002.  Click here.  

Note the way the Jefferson City diocese lists Bp. Anthony O'Connell.  After so much pain caused by O'Connell, this is all that we see.  Click here.  

Bishop Richard Stika of the Diocese of Knoxville under fire for numerous allegations

The Catholic publication, The Pillar, has released a series of online articles about Bishop Richard Stika and the diocese of Knoxville.  Click below to become informed on what is going on.

1.  Stika facing likely 'Vos estis' Vatican investigation  April 23, 2021

2.   Stika accepted deacon accused of misconduct; Knoxville priests criticize 'pattern' of leadership   April 29, 2021

3.   Knoxville bishop replaced investigator in seminarian probe May 17, 2021  

4.   Bishop Stika wants 'the whole story' ahead of Vatican investigation  May 22, 2021

5.   Vatican Verdict looms for Knoxville Bishop - September 23, 2021

Big Trouble in Little Knoxville: Misconduct cases bring systemic, cultural weaknesses into sharp focus  

Catholic Herald Article about the scandal in the Diocese of Knoxville.  Click here.  Big Trouble for Little Knoxville by Christopher Altieri

Lawsuit filed against the Diocese of Nashville and St. Rose of Lima Parish in Murfreesboro for child sex abuse

Bishop Mark Spalding and the Diocese of Nashville, Tennessee are in the crosshairs in a horrific child rape case stemming from St. Rose of Lima Parish in Murfreesboro, TN, a short distance the Nashville. 

The case of Jane Doe vs the Diocese of Nashville and St. Rose of LIma Parish in Murfreesboro was filed Monday September 27, 2021.  Read the complaint here.  Read the press statement from the law firm of Janet, Janet, & Suggs in Baltimore, Maryland here.  

Statement from SNAP network to be posted here soon.  

Complaint to National Review Board and the USCCB - August 11, 2021 -- Updated on September 20, 2021

SNAP of Tennessee sent in a complaint to the National Review Board of the USCCB in hopes of getting a response from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Here are the complaints and responses beginning in January 2020.  

1.  Complaint sent on January 14, 2020Memorandum included in the complaint by Thomas P. Doyle, JCD

Click here to read the complaint sent September 20, 2021.  

Click here to read the complaint sent August 11, 2021:   This is the response that was received.  

Complaint sent to the chair of the National Review Board of the USCCB on August 11, 2021.  

Addressing the following issues
1.  Violations of Article 3 of the Dallas Charter of 2002 regarding silencing of victims.
2.  Illegal use of the Internal Revenue Service to falsify yearly USCCB compliance audits as well as other financial reporting.  
3.  Improper and potentially illegal staffing of Diocesan Review Boards.  

Since 2003, SNAP of Tennessee has requested that all three dioceses of Tennessee get together and reveal all the pedophile priests.  They finally did so in 2018-2019 when it became expedient to do so. There was never any concern to do this for victims. The hierarchy decided it was to their advantage.. 

In 2010, after studying records and cross-referencing assignments, I had a press conference on April 9, 2010 and asked Bishop Stika to release the "Dangerous 11."  Stika demanded that I reveal the names.  He knew it was not my job to do so and only the church had the records and final proof to do so. 

Knoxville TN – On 11/2/18, the Diocese of Knoxville issued a statement commenting on the Diocese of Nashville's list of accused priests, because before 1988, the territory of the Knoxville diocese was part of the Nashville diocese. In the statement, two accused Knoxville priests were discussed briefly. We cached a copy of the 11/2/18 statement. We cached a copy of the list as it appeared on 3/6/20. By that date, the Knoxville list had been expanded to include accused priests who had worked in the Knoxville diocesan territory when those counties were still part of the Nashville diocese. The 2/28/20 Memphis report had provided a similar section for Western Tennessee. See map showing the separation of the Memphis diocese from Nashville in 1971, and the separation of the Knoxville diocese in 1988. In the expanded Knoxville list, the following accused priests were added as of 3/6/2.

Complaints sent to the Vatican on behalf of Michael Boyd and Celeste Arnone

Vos Estis complaint filed on behalf of Michael BoydLetter received from Rome June 14, 2021.  

Vos Estis complaint filed on behalf of Celeste Arnone  Letter received from Rome July 3, 2021.  

List of recipients of the Vos Estis complaints for Celeste Arnone and Michael Boyd. 

May 2021:  The following Vos Estis Lux Mundi complaint has been filed with the Vatican.  All three dioceses of Tennessee have violated the Dallas Charter Article 3 which silences the victims of abuse against their wishes.  Michael Boyd was made to sign a settlement with a non disparaging agreement.  The Catholic diocese of Knoxville violated 

June 2021 - The follwowing Vos Estis Lux Mundi complaint has been filed with the Vatican.  Bishop Richard F. Stika and Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz are the subjects of this complaint fi

A complaint from the SNAP of Tennessee leader, Susan Vance, will be sent to the Vatican regarding the violations of the Dallas Charter of 2002 Article 3.  More will be posted regarding these violations.

Complaint to the National Review Board made on January 14, 2020. 

Response by Dr. Francesco Cesareo, Chairman of the National Review Board

Complaint/letter to Bishop Timothy Doherty.  

No reponse from the bishops.  The only person to have enough respect to answer was Dr. Cesareo.  The hierarchy is not transparent.  Their nonresponse is the usual way they handle anything.   

Knoxville is Boston-South. 
May 2021:  Read the document and see the pattern that has been emerging since Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell resigned after admitting being a pedophile.  The Diocese of Knoxville and its people have been lied to from the beginning of the diocese on September 8, 1988.  High-ranking officials in the church knew or should have known that O'Connell was abusing boys at St. Thomas Aquinas Preparatory Seminary (high school seminary).  STAS was O'Connell's first assignment as a priest and he rose to be its rector (principal) until he was appointed the first bishop of Knoxville.  Among those who touted O'Connell was Cardinal Bernard Law of BostonClick here to see Cardinal Law's history as a priest and high-ranking prelate.  Click here to see the many yearbook pictures of Law visiting the boys he sent to STAS to become priests from his diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO, in the archdiocese of St. Louis.  
Victim Stories from the St. Louis Post Dispatch

May 31, 2021:  Audio from public radio WUOT 91.9 FM Knoxville Tennessee.  Click here to go to the audio and transcript of the audio from the morning report by Claire Heddles.  

The tearing down of a victim of abuse - the violation of Article 3 of the Dallas Charter of 2002 ..... and so much more

How the Diocese of Knoxville is tearing down a victim - the Michael Boyd Story - what is happening now

COMPLAINT AGAINST THE CHURCH:  Bishop Stika and the Diocese of Knoxville placed a non disclosure agreement (NDA) in the settlement that they presented to Michael Boyd's lawyers.  This is against article 3 of the Dallas Charter of 2002.  A complaint has been filed with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and with the Vatican.  

Read and download the complaint of January 14, 2020 to Francesco Cesareo, chairperson of the National Review Board.  


Read the March 4, 2020 response letter from Francesco Cesareo.

Read the October 3, 2020 complaint to the National Review Board

Read the August 20, 2021 complaint to the National Review Board sent to Suzanne Healy

Read the August 26, 2021 letter of Suzanne Healy, chairperson of the National Review Board

Read the September 20, 2021 complaint addressed specifically to Archbishop Gomez and Bishop James "Vann" Johnston


PRESS STATEMENT LIES:  Packet of information containing the lies and deception of Bishop Richard Stika and the Diocese of Knoxville contained in their press releases in the Michael Boyd Case. 


TIMELINE AND FACEBOOK MESSAGES:  Packet of information containing the timeline of events surrounding the reporting of Michael Boyd's abuse to Bishop Richard Stika and the Diocese of Knoxville.  



In three different press releases and/or statements, the Diocese of Knoxville has lied. 

Click here to read and download the press statement of July 19, 2019.    Click here to read the statement of September 17, 2019 about the firing of William Lovelace.  

Click here to read and download the December 31, 2019 press release from Stika and the diocese.  



Chattanooga Times Free Press - January 16, 2020 - Documents contradict Knoxville diocese's timeline of knowing about sexual abuse allegations against priests and teacher

Chattanooga Times Free Press - January 17, 2020 - Knoxville Diocese is silencing sexual abuse victims, breaking church rules on settlements, according to survivors group's complaint letter

AP article - January 17, 2020 - Man says diocese knew about accusations months before acting

July 18, 2019 - Lawsuit filed in Knoxville.  Former bishop and a monsignor named as well as 3 others.  

Click here for copy of the lawsuit filed against the Diocese of Knoxville on July 18, 2019.  

Diocese of Knoxville buries the information about William Lovelace.  Did not send out media release but left it to individual parishes to disseminate. Here is the release from the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.   Click here.  


Click here for assignments of Monsignor Xavier Mankel.  Click here to read the lengthy articles about Mankel including all of the assignments that are noted there.  The Official Catholic Directory does not have a complete compilation of information that is located in the priest's personnel record in the diocesan office.  This magazine gives detailed information.  Click here.  


DIOCESE LEAVES ACCUSED TEACHER IN SCHOOL:  Michael Boyd reported William Michael Lovelace on August 29, 2018.  Lovelace was removed when this statement was issued. Click here. This was issued September 17, 2019, over a year after Boyd reported him.  


Links to media coverage:

Knoxville News Sentinel - 07222019 

Knoxville News Sentinel - 07232019

WATE channel 6 - 07222019

Use this link to search for credibly accused priests across the United States:

Catholic Church takes billions in PPP loans - while sitting on billions in reserve

For tie time being, I am posting two of the links to investigative reporting on this issue from Michael Rezendes and Reese Dunklin of the AP.  

AP story by Michael Rezendes and Reese Dunklin

From US News and World Report.


SNAP of Tennessee compiled information on the 3 dioceses of Tennessee and their participation in the first PPP program.  

Click here for the Excel Spreadsheet with comprehensive information

Click here for a small summary in PDF format.  If you want more information you will need to look at the Excel spreadsheet above. 


SNAP of Tennessee files complaint against the 3 dioceses in Tennessee; case has national implications

Years of violation of the Dallas Charter of 2002 for the Protection of children and young people has resulted in a complaint against the Diocese of Knoxville to include allegations against Nashville and Memphis.  Click here to read the complaint sent 01-14-2020 to the National Review Board. 

Sexual exploitation of adults by clergy:  YES, it exists!  Lawsuit now in Diocese of Knoxville

Link to the lawsuit Celeste Arnone vs the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville and Father Michael Sweeney.  Click here.  

Diocese of Memphis releases its list of credibly accused priests; victims point to omissions from list

PRESS RELEASE - 02-29-2020

February 28, 2020:  The Diocese of Memphis has released its credibly accused list of pedophile priests and priests credibly accused of sexual exploitation of adults.  The list is very inadequate.  See the press release of SNAP of Tennessee issued 02-28-2020.  Click here. 

Two dioceses have broken off from the parent diocese of Nashville.:  Memphis in 1971 and Knoxville in 1988.  Both of these diocese had pedophiles for first bishops:  Carroll T. Dozier of Memphis (pictured on the left) and Anthony J. O'Connell of Knoxville.  Dozier is buried with much honor at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Memphis.  Bishop David Talley now has the task of removing the body of this credibly accused pedophile.  

Exposing the Lies - Kmiec, Rudisill and the Cover-up:  Click here for the compilation of information on the Kmiec, Connor, and Rudisill Cover-up.  Article in the Nashville Tennessean.  Kathleen Lisle Rankin will tell of her abuse by Father James Arthur Rudisill and the cover-up by the Diocese of Nashville.  Click here for the SNAP of Tennessee revelations which prove that Bishop Edward Kmiec knowingly protected the pedophile and how the diocese of Nashville and Buffalo, NY, tried to deceive the public.  

Letters between Warren Tucker and Bishop Richard Stika.  Click here. 

Anthony J. O'Connell, first bishop of Knoxville, was an admitted pedophile.  Click here .

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 5-part series outlines the complicity of Church officials in the crimes of Anthony J. O'Connell.  Click here.

Tracing the O'Connell cover-up  by guilty Church hierarchy.   - Coming soon.

Carroll T. Dozier, first bishop of Memphis, was found to be on the credibly accused list of the Diocese of Richmond, VA.  Click here.

Recent press releases:  Click here for a list of recent press releases from SNAP of Tennessee

Sexual exploitation of adult women and men:  Studies show that sexual abuse of children by clergy is one of several crimes being kept secret by the Catholic church.  More will be told about the sexual exploitation of adults, both women and men.   More . . . 

Edward J. McKeown, Tennessee pedophile priest, is dead.  Never held accountable for his abuse as a priest .  Click here for the link to the story in the Nashville Tennessean.  Click here for internal link to the story.  Click here for the page on McKeown.

Tennessee needs 3rd party investigations of all three Catholic dioceses
Letter to officials - Susan Vance  Click here.  

Letter to officials - Ron Deal  Click here.

SNAP conference - Abuse of Adults by Clergy

Get Stephen de Weger's thesis by clicking here.  

Packet given out to participants in SNAP workshop on abuse of adults by clergy.  Click here to download. 

Article by Stephen de Weger.    

Website of Stephen de Weger.    

Information by Richard Sipe.  Page 1.   Page 2.  

The SOL Reform Movement Becomes More Inclusive as Adult Victims of Sex Assault Seek Justice, Too by Marci Hamilton

A free e-book is available here for reading on your tablet or laptop or for download and print.  It is an e-book of articles taken from different sources which pertain to recent developments regarding Sexual Exploitation of Adults by clergy.  Feel free to share.  

Files/charts with important information -- Nashville:  Click here for PDF #1  Click here for webpage version of PDF #1.  Deception from Diocese of Nashville about "former priests."  Click here for PDF#2 Click here for webpage version of PDF #2.  Deceptioin from Diocese of Nashville about assignments of Joseph L. Reilly.  Click here for PDF #3 Click here for webpage version of PDF #3.  Deception from the Diocese of Nashville about assignments of Paul F. Haas.  Click here for PDF #4  Click here for webpage version of PDF#4.   Walter Emala - pedophile that Nashville won't own.   Click here for PDF #5  Click here for webpage version of PDF #5.  Deliberate deceits by Nashville on the list of 13.  Click here for PDF #6. Click here for webpage version of PDF #6  Three priests - sent to 5 states where they continued to abuse.
Files/charts with important information -- Knoxville:  Click here for a PDF #1 about the failure of the Knoxville diocese to respond to request from victims of clergy sexual abuse.   Click here for a PDF #2 with the names of the pedophile priests from the recent Nashville list who have been assigned in what is now the diocese of Knoxville. There are 11 priests who have been assigned in the area that is now named Diocese of Knoxville.  There will be more revealed as time goes on.

Press release for Knoxville press conference 11-09-2018

Article - Knoxville News Sentinel - by Amy Mcrary

Now there are 16 -- Nashville has 5 priests hidden in list trafficked to other states

Nashville:  11/09/2018  -- Walter Emala, James A.  Kemper, and James Pratt are not on the list of accused priests from the diocese of Nashville.  SNAP of Tennessee had sent a letter to Bishop Mark Spalding on November 1, 2018 to ask that 6 more names be added to the list.  The Diocese put these two from the list.  There are still more to be looked at. 

Four of the 16 priests were assigned to other states.  These are James A. Kemper, Walter Emala, Paul Haas,  Joseph L. Reilly, and Anthony G. Stredny
Why is Kenneth Gansmann, OFM who was at St. Vincent's in Nashville, not listed on the Nashville Pedophile priest list?  

Press release for Nashville press conference 11-09-2018

Deliberate mistakes by Diocese of Nashville:  

James A Kemper - the entry on the website of the diocese of Nashville is incorrect.  They list Kemper as being on active duty until 1964 when, in fact, the diocese lists him in the Official Catholic Directory as "on duty outside the diocese" for many years.  He apparently was incardinated into the diocese of Memphis in 1971 and appears on the Memphis OCD pages for 1972 and 1973.  Did he become a priest of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe or did he remain a Tennessee priest just on duty outside the diocese?  Which diocese has his secret canonical file?  Kemper is listed on the pedophile list for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.  

Kenneth Gansmann, OFM - In 2014, Nashville admitted this priest was assigned for years in the diocese of Nashville.  They did not report this in the recent release of names.  Gansmann appeared on the pedophile list of another diocese thus prompting the admission in 2014.  

Diocese of Nashville releases names of 16 priests accused of abusing minors

Father Edward James Cleary. Born April 18, 1914; ordained; May 18, 1940; died Nov. 10, 1997.

Father James William Murphy Jr. Born Sept. 12, 1922; ordained April 3, 1948 in Memphis; died Oct. 11, 2016.

Father James Arthur Rudisill. Born May 16, 1926; ordained May 19, 1951; retired Feb. 10, 1995; died Feb. 8, 2008.

Father Edward Albert Walenga. Born Nov., 2, 1926; ordained May 30, 1953; died Nov. 27, 1983.

Father Roger R. Lott, O.S.B. Ordained in 1954; removed from duty and placed in a restricted setting by his order in 1996; died May 22, 2011.

Msgr. William Floyd Davis. Born Aug. 17, 1929; ordained May 26, 1956; incardinated in the Diocese of Memphis 1972; died Oct. 26, 2011.

Joseph L. Reilly. Born Dec. 16, 1928; ordained May 26, 1956; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville 1965; died March 9, 1981.(Joseph Reilly is NOT dead.  The diocese retracted this on 11-08-2018 stating that Reilly had erroneously been listed by them as dead.)

Paul Frederick Haas. Born Dec. 14, 1933; ordained May 23, 1959; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville May 24, 1977; died June 7, 1979.

Paul Wiley St. Charles. Born June 23, 1939; ordained May 21, 1966; Incardinated into the Diocese of Memphis; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Memphis 2004; died Dec. 27, 2009.

William Claude Casey. Born Jan. 4, 1934; ordained May 2, 1969; incardinated in the Diocese of Knoxville Sept. 8, 1988; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Knoxville 2010; currently incarcerated.

Edward Joseph McKeown. Born March 18, 1944; ordained Jan. 31, 1970; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville March 1, 1989; currently incarcerated.

Ronald W. Dickman. Born July 13, 1944; ordained June 5, 1971; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville 1991.

Franklin T. Richards. Born March 18, 1947; ordained Jan. 26, 1973; dismissed from the priesthood of the Diocese of Nashville March 1, 1989.

Nashville information you should know.  

Click here for PDF #1   Click here for webpage version of PDF #1.  Deception from Diocese of Nashville about "former priests."

Click here for PDF#2    Click here for webpage version of PDF #2.  Deceptioin from Diocese of Nashville about assignments of Joseph L. Reilly

Click here for PDF #3   Click here for webpage version of PDF #3.  Deception from the Diocese of Nashville about assignments of Paul F. Haas.  

Click here for PDF #4  Click here for webpage version of PDF#4.   Walter Emala - pedophile that Nashville won't own.

Click here for PDF #5  Click here for webpage version of PDF #5.  Deliberate deceits by Nashville on the list of 13.

.See this file for information on Knoxville deception.  Click here for downloadable PDF version.  Click here for webpage version.  Deception of Bishops Stika and Kurtz (and involvement of Father Vann Johnston) in release of names of abusive priests.  


Nashville reveals interstate trafficking of pedophile priests in 11/02/2018 release of 13 namesNovember 5, 2018: 


The diocese of Nashville tried to bury the awful truth about interstate trafficking of pedophiles in their Friday, November 2, release of the names of 13 pedophile priests.  Studies by SNAP of Tennessee gave indicated that Georgia, Kentucky and Arkansas were sent pedophile priests from the diocese of Nashville.  Where the bishops in these diocese complicit in letting pedophile priests serve in their dioceses?  Did the bishops in these areas of Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee send Tennessee their pedophile priest/priests in a kind of sick exchange program?  See the PDF files below or click on the links and decide for yourself about this illegal trafficking of pedophiles.

Deceptions by the diocese of Nashville found in the article:   Diocese publishes names of priests accused of abusing minors  Click for internal link to this article.  

13 FORMER priests???- Deception #1. Download PDF File page 1.  

Assignments of Joseph Reilly - Trafficking of this pedophile to Georgia.  Download PDF file page 2.

Assignments of Paul F. Haas - Trafficking of this pedophile to Arkansas and Kentucky.  Download PDF file page 3.

SNAP sends in more names:  Letter sent to Bishop Mark Spalding of Nashville on 11/01/2018.  Click here.  Two of the six names were then put on the list on 11-09-2018.  

Statistics for the three Tennessee Catholic Dioceses in the Metropolitan See of Louisville, KY

Diocese of Knoxville

Diocese of Nashville

Diocese of Memphis

Keep the secrets . . . get promoted

About Joseph E. Kurtz - written as Kurtz left Knoxville to become Archbishop of Louisville.

About James Vann Johnston - written as Johnston left Knoxville to become Bishop 

About Richard Stika - written when made bishop of Knoxville

Unfinished Business:  People should demand full disclosure from the bishops where these two priests have abused.  Edward McKeown has died never having been held accountable for his crimes against children while he was a priest.  Frank Richards has been free to abuse and never held accountable.  He is free today.  Since March 1, 1989, both were "let go" by the Church to freely abuse.  Make your voice known.  Stop the cover-up.

Information on Edward J. McKeown

Information on Franklin (Frank) T. Richards

Diocese of Knoxville, end the cover-up:  Read about the Dangerous 11 and the refusal of the Diocese of Knoxville to report this to the people.  

Tennessee abusive priests who were assigned to other dioceses:  I has long been known that the church moved priests from one diocese to another in an attempt to cover up their crimes.  These are some of the priests in Tennessee who have been assigned to other dioceses in order to cover-up the fact that they molested children.  These are just a few.  Demand the entire list from the Church.  Click on the name to see more. This list is not complete.

Father Paul Haas

Father Walter Emala

Father Joseph Reilly

Father James A. Kemper

Father Anthony Stredny

Document release in Diocese of Memphis, TN

The diocese of Memphis found "credible" evidence that Paul St. Charles is a pedophile. The diocese of Nashville coddles St. Charles like some kind of icon. Apparently, abusing children means little to Bishop Choby and the priests of the Nashville diocese. They let the people think that St. Charles has been "vindicated" even when fellow bishop, Bishop Steib of Memphis, says St. Charles is guilty. What brotherly support from Bishop Choby to Bishop Steib!!! And, Paul St. Charles has lived in "retirement" in Nashville for more years than he was an active priest pedophile. Who has he abused in Nashville? Do you trust the clergy in Nashville to have protected your children over the years? Oops! Here are links to Caleb Hannan's recent stories about Paul St. Charles, the pedophile par excellence.

Accused pedophile Paul St. Charles lost his priesthood. But that didn't stop Nashville's bishop from giving him an award

 Rest up, Your Catholic Priest Abuse Story Fatigue may Soon be put to the Test

Shame on Bishop Choby! Shame on Father Ryan High School!


The people of the diocese of Nashville and the state of Tennessee are completely duped by Bishop Choby and the priests of the diocese of Nashville.  Bishop J. Terry Steib announced that Paul St. Charles is "credibly accused " of molesting teen boys.  Bishop Steib has petitioned Rome to "defrock" Paul St. Charles.  Yet, Bishop Choby gives a public award to this credibly accused priest and refuses to tell the people that he is an abuser.  This is no way to be "transparent" about clergy sexual abuse. 

Bishop Choby, you owe all victims of clergy abuse an apology.  Tell the people the truth.  Tell them that Paul St. Charles is NOT vindicated.  Tell them that there are court cases in process right now.  Tell them that Paul St. Charles is being defrocked. 

Is this in the great tradition of Father Ryan High School?  To give honors to child molesters?  If Bishop Choby and the priests of the diocese had done their jobs, the good people of Father Ryan would have known that Paul St. Charles is credibly accused.  They would know that this an outrage to all victims of clergy sexual abuse. 

We know that the Golden Grad award at Father Ryan is just about living 50 years past your graduation day.  We know that it is not some personal tribute award.  Therefore, the Golden Grad award should have been given to Paul St. Charles "in absentia."  No public award should have been given.  The bishop and the alumni association at Father Ryan could have easily made this point to Paul St. Charles.  They could have said, "The award is in the mail."  Instead, they allowed a child molester to appear in public and shake the hand of the bishop.  The bishop has never raised a hand to set the record straight about the abuse of children and teens at the hands of Paul St. Charles.  We have no pictures of victims of clergy abuse receiving an affable handshake from the bishop. 

We call upon Bishop Choby for a formal apology.  We call on Bishop Steib to stand up for his decision and demand that the people be told the truth.  We call upon Bishop Steib to stand up and tell the people of the diocese of Knoxville that Paul St. Charles was assigned in their diocese as well.  We call upon all priests to be on the side of truth and tell their respective churches about the credible allegations of Paul St. Charles. 

Click here to see the disgraceful "Golden Grad" awards given to a child molester. 

See Paul St. Charles on the front row.  Do these Golden Grads know the truth?  Did anyone bother to tell them that their classmate, Paul St. Charles has multiple abuse victims?  Did anyone bother to let a victim speak to them to tell them why this is so heinous?  Did anyone bother to think of the victims?  Is this the way clergy abuse victims can expect to be treated across the state of Tennessee? 

Cases against Memphis priests settled

Read the article in the Memphis Daily News for August 23, 2007.  Click here for the on-site article.
Date settled
Docket #
 June 19, 2007

CT-004851-06, Div. 6

 Jane Doe #1
  Joseph Nguyen
 June 19, 2007
 CT-005076-06, Div. 6
Jane Doe #2
  Joseph Nguyen
  June 19, 2007 
 CT-005886-06, Div. 6
Jane Doe #3
  Joseph Nguyen
July 17, 2007

CT-004692-05, Div. 5

1 Victim
 Paul St. Charles
July 17, 2007
CT-005869-05, Div. 8
1 Victim
 Paul St. Charles
July 26, 2007
CT-004275-04, Div. 9
 2 Victims
 Richard Mickey
August 14, 2007
 CT-006172-06, Div. 3
1 Victim
 Paul St. Charles

SNAP of Tennessee responds to appointment of Kurtz as archbishop

June 12, 2007:  Bishop Joseph Kurtz, bishop of Knoxville, has been appointed archbishop of Louisville, KY.  SNAP of Tennessee responds to this announcment as follows.

As archbishop of Louisville, Bishop Kurtz will still be in a position to know the problems across the entire state of Tennessee as well as Kentucky. Victims of Clergy abuse are hopeful that he will handle his future duties with more compassion than he has done so far in the diocese of Knoxville. We hope Bishop Kurtz will do a better job of listening to the pleas of victims in the following areas: 

1. Naming the names of perpetrating priests across the diocese of Knoxville. To date the people of the diocese of Knoxville are unaware of the large numbers of molesting priests and the hundreds of their victims across East Tennessee. Kurtz has consistently answered our requests with a “Not-in my backyard attitude” as he shuffles responsibility off to Nashville, claiming “we weren’t a diocese then.” This is painful to victims and is deceitful to the people in the pews who are expecting truth and transparency. Such callous disregard for the feeling of victims is painful and wrong. See presentation at about the deceit of the diocese of Knoxville by clicking here.   Message to Bishop Kurtz: Tell us the names.

2. Bishop Kurtz will not be able to side-step his responsibilities as he did in Knoxville. He will not be able to say, “We only go back to 1988.” He has trained the entire diocese of Knoxville to think that nothing happened here before we became our own diocese in 1988, yet the Catholic community of Knoxville only underwent a name change from “diocese of Nashville” to “diocese of Knoxville.” The pain of victims is real and pre-dates the 1988 timeline. The abuse that occurred here happened by Catholic clergy and is very real and very present to the victims. Message to Bishop Kurtz: Tell us the extent of the abuse and when and where it occurred. 

3. Kurtz came to Knoxville after pedophile bishop, Anthony J. O’Connell. Bishop Kurtz has allowed and encouraged the churches and schools to keep O’Connell’s pictures on display. The message sent to victims of abuse by refusing the simple request to take down a molesters picture sent a clear message to victims that if O'Connell remained honored their abuse was of no matter (concern) to the Bishop. Message to Bishop Kurtz: Correct this insensitivity before you go. Take down O’Connell’s pictures.

Ann Brentwood, Southeast Coordinator of SNAP , 865-984-7092
Susan Vance, SNAP of Tennessee, 865-748-3518

5th Anniversary of Resignation of Anthony J. O'Connell, 1st bishop of Knoxville

March 8, 2007, marks the 5th anniversary of the resignation of Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell. 

Letter sent to pastors of parishes and principals of Catholic schools on March 6, 2007
Letter to be deliverd to Bishop Joseph Kurtz on the 5th anniversary of the resignation of Anthony J. O'Connell

On March 28, 2003, we met with Bishop Kurtz and expressed our concerns about the lack of facts among the people of the diocese concerning the abuse by Anthony J. O'Connell.  Here is a copy of that letter. 

Press release for press conference in Knoxville on March 8, 2007. 

O'Connell stated in the press that he had abuse "one maybe two" teenage boys.  Read the expose by the St. Louis Dispatch that will show that to have been totally false.

Background information on O'Connell's pictures being left on display in churches and schools.
Article 1  Place of Honor for a Pedophile
Article 2  Victims write about taking name off St. Mary's Oak Ridge family life center.
Article 3
Article 4

Information for West Palm Beach
Article 1  Scandal still settling in West Palm Beach - National Catholic Reporter
Article 2  New Bishop faces old problem

Florida information

Letter to Bishop Galeone of St. Augustine, FL  Click here. 

SNAP Press Conference in Miami  --  Click here for press relesse.

Letter sent to Bishop J.C. Favalora -- Click here. 

SNAP of Tennessee website

Memphis Wheel of Corruption

The information is overwhelming.  We have depicted Memphis in the Wheel of Corruption.  Hopefully this will summarize much of the information.

Click here for the web version of the Memphis Wheel of Corruption. 

Click here for the Flash version of the Memphis Wheel of Corruption.

Click here for the Executable version of the Memphis Wheel of Corruption.  This will download to your computer. 

The Cover-up in Tennessee

SNAP of Tennessee

SNAP of Tennessee is here to help victims of clergy sexual abuse.  We will stand by you, we will walk with you, we will believe you.  Give us a chance to show our concern.  Join a self-help support group.  Find out more about this. Contact us.

Tell us the names. Tell us where they are. Who is safe until you do? Why are we still having to ask for this?!

Each diocese has the answers.  We are not allowed to know.
Each diocese has the list.  We are not allowed to see it.
Each diocese has a secret group of abusers who are being hidden.  We are kept in the dark.
Each diocese knows the truth.  We are never told.
Each diocese hides their pedophiles.  Kids are not safe.  We cannot sleep at night. 
Clergy sex offenders don't make it to the state's sex offender list.  We ask that our officials find a way to correct this. 
We demand that our children, teens and vulnerable adults be protected.  We deserve at least that much truth from the diocese. 

Letter from SNAP of Tennessee to Administrator of the Diocese of Nashville.  Click here (Word).  Click here. (HTML)
Letter from Mike Coode, Coordinator of SNAP of Nashville, to Paul St. Charles.  Click here
Statement from survivors of David Kelley.  Click here (Word).  Click here (HTML).
Ohio Supreme Court to hear appeal from David Kelley's victims.  Click here

Information concerning press conference in Memphis, December 16th

Notes for press conference 011206

Click here to download notes for press conference.
Click here to download letter to Bishop Joseph Kurtz.